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Short-distance traffic trailer coupling Mercedes Benz UX Meier - Ratio skip loader inclusive 5x hollows x x mm heater Well maintained condition No winter service, no rust We are happy to offer yo Tipper Used vehicle EZ Construction year Located in Switzerland and other countries.

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Unimog U5023 Off-Road

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In Addition to the Unimogs listed on this page Mross Import Service Ltd can supply other used units at special request. In springMercedez Benz launched new Unimog ranges, which from the point of view of economy and technology, have been specifically designed to satisfy the changed requirements of industry, local authorities, the construction and energy industries and road-maintenance departments concerning flexible implement carriers and powerful tractors.

An implement system partnership is being implemented for the new Unimog series, in which the vehicles and implements have been developed and tested in partnership with leading implement manufacturers both in Germany and abroad. The outward appearance of the new Unimog generation leaves no room for doubt as to its family affiliations and at the same time provides evidence of the field-related orientation of the numerous innovations incorporated.

The large windscreen, the low-edged side windows and a large rear window ensure excellent all-round vision. This is an important safety aspect, especially when working with implements attached and mounted. The cab made of lightweight fibre composite is characterized by great strength and anti-corrosion properties.

The optional transferable steering system, VarioPilot, in conjunction with the power hydraulics system, VarioPower, allows a single operator to work safely with and control several implements simultaneously. Inside the cab, the driver finds a workplace that leaves nothing to be desired with regard to ride comfort, equipment control and functionality. All important controls for the vehicle, the electronically controlled Telligent transmission and the VarioPower power hydraulics, are combined in the centre console.

As an option, the three new Unimog series, U to U, can be fitted with a totally new VarioPilot transferable steering system. It allows drivers to choose the best seating positions to enable them to control and watch the implements being used for the job at hand — for example, when using mowers and clearance cutters or self-loading sweepers at the curb side of the vehicle. Comfortable seats with integrated 3-point seat belts, a heating and ventilation system and an air-conditioning system fitted as standard are further examples of field and requirement-oriented solutions integrated into the new Unimog.

They transfer their tractive force to the four permanently driven wheels by means of a fully synchronized manual transmission. Up to 24 gears are selected by means of the electro-pneumatic Telligent gearshift system, that has already proven itself in Mercedes-Benz heavy-duty trucks over a period of some years now.

With this system, the driver moves the gear knob forwards and backwards within a single gate. The appropriate gear is calculated automatically by the vehicle electronics and engaged by a pneumatic cylinder in the transmission when the clutch is depressed.

The new Unimog series have permanent all-wheel drive with an interaxle differential.

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New Unimog Photo Gallery:. UL Unimogs. Call for details — These pictures are for discussion purposes only. Units are sold!Couch Off-Road Engineering is first and foremost about excellence in Unimog and 4WD vehicle service and customization.

Only the highest quality designs meet our standards, and we always deliver a durable off-road vehicle for our client's particular needs. Our commitment to perfection and many years of experience across the globe have made C.

Our off-road vehicle custom fabrication runs the gamut from recreational 4WD rigs to heavy-duty expedition designs for getting to the farthest reaches on the planet. We've built workhorses for construction, mining, and oil fields and emergency vehicles suitable for rescues in the worst of emergencies. Every vehicle can be designed to adapt to multi-use demands and give our clients a variety of solutions appropriate in the harshest of conditions.

With our off-road equipment upgrades and services, maintenance and safety work guarantees your vehicle will run smoothly with a reduced chance of failure out in the field or onsite.

Heavy rebuilds can breathe new life into a vehicle that's seen its fair share of wear and tear. Unimogs can be outfitted with implements ranging from bucket loaders to hydraulic dump beds. We'll show you the wide array of options available for your vehicle and install it with expert precision.

Technical consultations help you get the most out of your Unimog. We can help you develop a proper maintenance program, offer equipment and accessory training, and show you how to maximize efficiency on the job.

Over 22 years of hands-on experience informs our advice and planning that peers in our industry have been seeking out time and again. Contact Couch Off-Road Engineering today for any of your off-road service, repair, modification, or complete custom design projects and questions. Skip to main content.


More info. Order Now ext 3. Unimog with Trailer. View More Vehicles For Sale.Thursday, October 6, The Unimog U Labels: Unimog U Friday, July 8, Unimog Sightings Over the 4th of July weekend I saw a few nice Unimog 's out and about.

unimog exchange

Here are some photos. Labels: Unimog So Mercedes celebrated their 60th anniversary of the Unimog this month with the unveiling of a new Unimog Concept.

They say it was inspired by a Dart Frog. I guess it is just a concept but it certainly doesn't look practical by any sense of imagination.

unimog exchange

To me a Unimog is a purpose built truck I would be afraid to get that thing dirty or scratch the chrome. See the full press release here. Labels: Unimog Concept. Sunday, February 27, Defender 90 in Moab I still am! This group of photos is last years Moab trip.

unimog exchange

I have been going to Moab since I was in Highschool with friends. These are the photos from last years adventure. Most of the pictures are from Fin's and Things trail as well as metal masher. Labels: Land Rover DefenderMoab.

Thursday, December 30, Bought a Gelandewagen Sorry the photos aren't the best we've had a little snow here I found a clean Europa G that I picked up. Posted by Adam Harward at PM 1 comment:. Older Posts Home. Subscribe to: Posts Atom.Check out our current stock list. We ship Unimogs all over the world so if you see something you like we can get it to you - wherever you are. We offer a huge range of new, reconditioned and used spare parts for every current and past Unimog model.

Do you dream of a Unimog built to your own specifications? Dream no more. I couldn't recommend Simon and the team highly enough, they sorted all transportation and took all the stress out of the situation. A1 service guys, thank you. They are always ready to help at the end of a phone line too. Fully satisfied customer from Sweden. The mog was cleaned and shipped professionally with no issues upon landing here in Australia. Since then, AV has provided me with excellent spares support and the occasional bit of advice.

Posting was always prompt and economical via Royal Mail — this has taken a lot of the pain out of restoration. Highly recommended. Atkinson Vos not only supplied my Unimog some years ago but they have been ever present when I needed any advice or assistance. My Unimog recently underwent a full refurbishment in their workshop and I have to say the result has been nothing short of superb. My Moggy is not only in great mechanical shape but it looks great too.

Top marks Atkinson Vos. Whenever I drive my MOG on to their yard, I have a feeling of excitement about the opportunities for upgrade and improvement that Atkinson Vos offers.

Anything is possible, and everything is done to a very high standard!. Atkinson Vos prepared my Unimog to an excellent standard. Their aftersales service is great too. Hi Simon, The shims arrived last week. My unimog is now running perfectly! Thank you a lot for the excellent service, I really appreciate it! We have been using Atkinson Vos for a number of years now, they have carried out some upgrades and all servicing and repairs, their staff are friendly and always willing to help.

The workshop guys always offer advice and easy fix solutions over the phone and on the odd occasion visited our workshop to view and inspect the vehicle. I would not hesitate to recommend the company, Thanks to all the staff. I have waited many years to start my expedition RV project and the team at Atkinson Vos has helped to bring this to fruition. Appreciated the quick responses to the myriad of questions I had additionally the support from build to delivery state side. Many thanks to the entire team at AV.For those in North America and particularly the United States, that name is likely unfamiliar.

Starting with the base Unimog U chassis, EarthCruiser Australia upfits a motorhome body that gives intrepid campers all the comforts of home. Aside from the extreme ground clearance, the full-time AWD system has low-range and diff-lock capabilities for accessing areas well-and-truly off the beaten path.

It can carry gallons liters of fuel, which is enough to give this uber RV a ridiculous range of over 2, miles 3, kilometers. How much does such an adventurous machine cost? Decades of experience, thousands of kilometres and an unrelenting search for top-level performance — these are the ingredients behind the top-class special-purpose bodies built by EarthCruiser Australia.

And, of course, a top-class chassis is an absolute must. With permanent all-wheel drive, portal axles and compact dimensions for easy transport in a shipping container, the Mercedes-Benz Unimog truly impressed the Australian experts.

EarthCruiser has, quite literally, been building on the Unimog's success ever since. Home Mercedes-Benz News Weird.

By : Christopher Smith. Hide press release Show press release. Car Buying Service Get upfront price offers on local inventory. Search for: New Cars. Used Cars. Sign In or Sign Up.Unimog vehicles. Unimog parts. You can use the fields below to refine or clear your current location.

Start by selecting a Country, other fields will be automatically updated to show available locations. Use the Clear Location button if you want to start over. Unimogmeister offers a wide range of used and new unimogs for sale. The Mercedes-Benz sales are worldwide and offered by individuals or by e xpedition companies and traders.

A Unimog is a multipurpose build vehicle. It can ben used for expeditionsagriculture, military or commercial use. This site serves people to buy and sell the German trucks from everywhere. UM is an exchange to get your used and new Unimog parts, attachments or Mercedes off-road camper vehicle. Import your Mog sales from Germany or Europe.

Planning on buying a Mercedes-Benz Unimog? Most importantly find your ideal type. Search for aagraror for instance if you are looking for something bigger check out the U-series. Find an army U, a small U or go big and buy a U or furthermore a U You will be granted that you succeed on Unimogmeister to finally buy the dream Unimog. Repairing or restoring a unimog? Are you looking for Unimog spare parts? Unimogmeister has in particular a diverse offer of parts for your Unimog worldwide. Unimogmeister surely has a various offer of Unimog accessories.

Find your motor, gearbox, oilfilters and more for sale. We want to help everyone, with this in mind we are doing the best we can to give you a large offer of parts, spares and accessoires.

unimog exchange

It can be used for expeditionsagriculture, military or commercial use. Please let us help you. Fill in the wanted form and UM helps you find it. South Africa 4, Mercedes Unimog camper, expedition. Unimog Baujahr 87 km 40h.

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